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30-10-00 LIVE IN SAN SEBASTIAN, SPAIN. Radio Broadcast, 1 cd A

1. For a thousand mothers
2. Nothing is easy
3. Thick as a brick
4. Bourée
5. Songs from the wood / Too old to rock'n'roll / Heavy horses
6. A new day yestertday
7. My god
8. Pibroch
9. Locomotive breath
10. Living in the past
11. Instrumental
12. Cheerio

>>This one is one of my favourites because sound is excelent, 10. It was broadcast by the spanish radio station Radio 3 but it's edited. They omited all new tarcks from "dot com" album. Only classic songs are in this one cd show. Does everybody like only old songs? Probably so. The guy who edited this show thought that tull fans only like new songs. Anyway they exist some others entire shows boots with this same setlist and with excelent sound as the next one commented. They circulate several copies with diferent artwork and sound. It was really dificult to find this copy. Other copies had rare noises and other one had all songs in just one track. This one is the best, it's what we all wish.



28-11-00 A NEW DAY IN SAO PAULO, Via Funchal, Brazil .2cd A FM

1. For a thousand mothers
2. Nothing is easy
3. Thick as a brick
4. Hunt by numbers
5. Bourée
6. Beside myself
7. The water carrier
8. The habanero reel
9. Songs from the wood
10. Too old to rock and roll...
11. Heavy horses
12. A new day yesterday
13. Pibroch (Instr.)
14. Hunting girl
15. In the grip of stronger stuff
16. My God
17. Passion jig
18. Living in the past
19. Locomotive breath
21. Cross-eyed Mary
22. Cheerio





>>From this one they circulate several copies, too. It was broadcast by a Brazilian Tv and as use to be, from every tv broadcast show it exists an execellent audio cd. There are copies that they don't are 10 but this one is absolutely 10. Some times we can think that we have the best recorded boot from one show but sometimes it exists a better one here and there. I don't like songs like "the water carrier" and "habanero reel" but the show is entire and that's what I like. It's one of my favourites and of couse absolutely recomended one.


12-06-01 LOWLAND BLUES, Vredenburg Castle, Utrecht, NL. 2cd A-

1. Intro
2. My Sunday Feeling
3. Cross-Eyed Mary
4. Roots To Branches
5. Thick As A Brick
6. Sweet Dream
7. Hunt By Numbers
8. Bourée
9. Water Carrier
10. Habanero Reel
11. Set Aside
12. Pibrock Instrumental
13. Farm On The Freeway
14. Songs From The Wood-Heavy Horses-Too Old To Rock'N'Roll: Too Young To Die
15. In The Grip Of Stronger Stuff
16. Bungle In The Jungle
17. Love Story
18. Lowland Jig
19. Aqualung
20. Locomotive Breath
21. Living In The Past
22. Balloons
23. Cheerio





>>They exists very few shows from 2001 with good sound and no show was broadcast on TV. Anyway, we have this "Lowland blues" Perhaps it's the best, the sound is not 10 but could be 9'5. The setlist from this tour begin to seem what would be the official release "Living with the past". It'd be important to say that in these shows like "Lowland blues" and shows near to it , include some forgoten classics like "Love story" and "Bungle in the jungle" . I 've never found the first one for last 15 years. The second one is a bit more usual. Recomended as one of the best recorded from 2001.


30-06-03 SONGS FROM ESSEN, live in ESSEN, GERMANY ., 2 cd, A

1. Aqua-intro
2. Living In The Past
3. Nothing Is Easy
4. Some Day The Sun Won't Shine for you
5. With You There To Help Me
6. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
7. Beside Myself
8. Fat Man
9. Hunting Girl
10. Count The Chickens
11. Dot Com
12. Eurology
13. Songs From The Wood/Too Old To Rock'N'Roll.../
14. Heavy Horses
15. My God
16. Budapest
17. Mayhem Jig
18. Aqualung
19. Wind Up (short version)
20. Locomotive Breath/Protect And Survive
21. Cheerio





>>I haven't recomended nothing from 2002 because the sounds were not as I 'd like and if there were some interesting setlist or song I wouldn't recomeded because the bad sound. ....And...we enter in 2003. This was a good year for all fans, for collectors and for who only wants to listen to their music in perfect conditions. There were two broadcast shows but know I'd recomend this "Songs from Essen" because is a 10 audience recording. Probably it'd exist different 10's but this one has an special force.
It includes songs like "Some Day The Sun Won't Shine for you" and "With You There To Help Me", usual ones in this tour. And also an exceptional show starting with a 8 min long version of "Living in the Past" with a fusion of the eightie's ang ninetie's versions. Great! After this, follows "Nothing is easy" . The Martin Barre's song is also great : "Count the chickens", in my opinion the best Martin's song of all. And the end a great short version of "Wind up".




1. Some day the sun won't shine
2. Life is a long song
3. Bourée
4. With you there to help me
5. Pavane
6. Empty café
7. Hunting girl
8. Eurology
9. Dot com
10. God rest yo merry gentlemen
11. Fat man
12. Living in the past
13. Nothing is easy
14. Beside myself
15. Songs from the wood / Too old to rock and roll / Heavy horses
16. My God
17. Budapest
18. Mayhem jig
19. Aqualung
20. Locomotive breath / Protect and survive / Cheerio





>>Thanks to the TV stations from Switzerland we have had two broadcast shows these last years. This means excellent tv realisations and excellent audio cd shows. This "Montreux Jazz festival 4-jul-03" is really excellent but they circulate several copies and different qualities. Only the second part of the show was broadcast. The first one circulate, I think taken from web broadcast, but it's quality is no good. It is said they release the dvd in 2007. The entire show I hope! The setlist is almost the same of all 2003 shows but it doesn't include songs like "wind up". Anyway the audio version is 10 and some copies has been found edited and well packed and sold in "disc fairs". Of course I recomend it.



09-08-03 MUSIKFEST Bethlehem, PA. USA, 2cd A

1. Aqua-intro
2. Living In The Past
3. Nothing Is Easy
4. Some Day The Sun Won't Shine
5. With You There To Help Me
6. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
7. Beside Myself
8. Fat Man
9. Hunting Girl
10. Count The Chickens
11. Dot Com

12. Eurology
13. Songs From The Wood/Too Old To Rock'N'Roll.../
14. Heavy Horses
15. My God
16. Budapest
17. Mayhem Jig
18. Aqualung
19. Wind Up (short version)
20. Locomotive Breath/Protect And Survive
21. Cheerio





>>I recomend this show for its sound, 10. It could be an official release, probably because it was broadcast on TV and some one taped from tv or probably directly from the mixing desk. The setlist is exactly the same as "Songs from Essen" one, but this one could be better. There exists and excellent dvd from this show, too. Some collectors don't rate it as A (10), perhaps they circulate several copies. I think mine is really a 10. Of course reocomended.

08-11-03 R UBBIN' BOSTON . Berklee Performance Center, Boston, MA. 2cd. A

1. In The Grip Of Stronger Stuff
2. Life Is A Long Song
3. Skating Away on the...
4. Up The 'Pool
5. Calliandra Shade
6. A Week Of Moments
7. Griminelli's Lament
8. Bourée
9. A Christmas Song

10. Boris Dancing
11. Lost In Crowds
12. Never Been To Memphis
13. Old Black Cat
14. Eurology
15. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
16. Living In The Past
17. Locomotive Breath





>>This disc is one show from those tours that Ian used to perform at the end of some years (2002, 2003). It seems that those tours won't be celebrated any more. They weren't great tours and with some local musicians from several cities from USA. Lucky, some of those tour were broadcast by local radio stations. This bring us excellent sounding cd's. Sadly the shows included too much Ian's solo songs. That's my opinion. There are several shows with 10 sound. This 08-11-03 R UBBIN' BOSTON . Berklee Performance Center, Boston, is one of those shows. I'd recomend it to have one representitive show of those tours.


12-02-04 MANCHESTER APOLLO THEATRE, Manchester. UK Tour , 2 cd, A

1. As told by
2. Spanish tears
3. Winter snowscape
4. Big Yellow pine
5. Breathe
6. After you, after me
7. DIY
8. Aquaintro
9. Living in the past
10. Nothing is easy
11. Beggar's farm
12. Eurology
13. A christmas song
14. Farm on the freeway

15. Pavane
16. Weathercock
17. A week of moments
18. Mother goose
19. Misere
20. Songs from the wood / Too old to... / Heavy horses
21. God rest ye merry gentlemen
22. Flying Dutchman intro / My God
23. Holly herald
24. Aqualung
25. Wind up
26. Locomotive breath
27. Protect & survive (instr.)
28. Cheerio






>>The year 2004 begins at home, England. All shows of that tour started with a "Martin Barre ans friend" 7 songs setlist. Then played Jethro Tull. I am almost completely sure that this Manchester show is the best recorde from this tour, even from all 2004. It's an audience reording but its really a 10. They circulate some different covers but I haven't found two different qualyties. So, It's absolutely recomended. Here, I listen for first time the extended version of "Mother goose" with flute in the midle of the song. It will be played in many shows since then. Also we found a new version of "weathercock".


03-11-04 MADISON , WISCONSIN. USA , 2cd

1. Life Is A Long Song
2. Skating Away on the...
3. Eurology
4. Jack-In-The-Green
5. Slipstream
6. I Raise My Glass To You
7. Up the 'Pool
8. Dun Ringill
9. Boris Dancing
10. Cheap Day Return/Mother Goose
11. Wond'ring Aloud
12. In The Grip Of Stronger Stuff
13. Bourée
14. My Sunday Feeling

15. Cross-Eyed Mary
16. Pavane
17. Beggar's Farm
18. Weathercock
19. A New Day Yesterday
20. Stage Fright
21. Farm On The Freeway
22. My God
23. Aqualung
24 Wind-Up
25. Locomotive Breath
26. Protect And Survive (inst.)
27. Cheerio






>>The ending 2004 brings us a half acoustic/half electric tour. I'd rather like electric Tull but Ian has always said he prefers acoustic set. Anyway the fans enjoy all kind shows. The first part of this shows contents few flute and I dislike this. There shows from this tour with excellent sound. Probably this from Madison is the best I've found. I'd rate the sound 9'5, not a total10. I'd emphasize the songs "Up the pool", "Dun Ringill" from Stormwatch and "Weathercock" with more flute. The second part begins as usual with "My sunday feeling"

09-07-05 LUGANO, SWITZERLAND, Estival Jazz, Piazza della Riforma, 2cd. A

1. AquaIntro
2. For A Thousand Mothers
3. Nothing Is Easy
4. Jack-In-The-Green
5. Serenade To A Cuckoo
6. Beggar's Farm
7. Boris Dancing
8. Weathercock
9. We Five Kings
10. Up To Me
11. Bourée

12. Mother Goose
13. Empty Café
14. Farm On The Freeway
15. Hymn 43
16. A New Day Yesterday
17. Budapest
18. Aqualung
19. Locomotive Breath
20. Protect And Survive
21. Cheerio





>>And thanks to a Swiss tv we have another broadcast show and its audio. The audio of broadcast shows uses to be excellent, this one is superb. The set list is not very new but includes a revisited version of "Hymn 43" included in ending 2004 tour. They circulated several copies but I haven't found two different sound qualyties. I'd only recomend this show for the sound but not for the repetitive setlist. Only a real Jethro Tull fan and a live shows lover can say that the setlists are repetitive, for the rest the show is real good.

11-10-05 KESWICK THEATRE, Glenside, PA. USA. 2cd. A

1. Life Is A Long Song
2. Up The 'Pool
3. Jack-In-The-Green
4. Beggar's Farm
5. Up To Me
6. Weathercock,
7. Griminelli's Lament
8. Aurora
9. Wond'ring Aloud
10. Theme From 'The Godfather'
11. Cheap Day Return
12. Mother Goose (extended version)

13. Bourée
14. Nocturne/Bohemian Rhapsody
15. Kashmir
16. She Is Like The Swallow
17. Thick As A Brick
18. Boris Dancing
17. Hymn 43
18. My God
19. Budapest
20. Aqualung
21. Locomotive Breath
22. Protect And Survive
23. Cheerio






>>Nothing new about the Jethro Tull setlist but a new incorporation of a new musician in some Jethro Tull shows changes the shows. It's the violinist Lucia Micarelli and the setlists now will include some rare songs like Theme From 'The Godfather', Nocturne/Bohemian Rhapsody, Kashmir, She Is Like The Swallow . That divides the fans opinions. Is it why she is the Ian's son's girlfriend? I Think so! Anyway this audience recording is an excellent sound, 9'5/10 . I've seen three different covers for this show.


11-03-06 THE EMPIRE SHEPHERDS BUSH, with Lucia Micarelli. London, UK. 2cd. A

1. Life Is A Long Song
2. Skating Away...
3. Living In The Past
4. Slipstream
5. Up To Me
6. Griminelli's Lament
7. Aurora
8. Wond'ring Aloud
9. Mozart medley
10. Cheap Day Return/Mother Goose
11. She Is Like The Swallow
12. Bourée

13. Nocturne/Bohemian Rhapsody
14. Kashmir
15. Cross-Eyed Mary
16. Hymn 43
17. Morris Minus
18. My God
18. Budapest
19. Aqualung
20. Wind-Up
21. Locomotive Breath
22. Protect And Survive

23. Cheerio





>>As usual in these last years, 2006 began in England but once again there is nothing new in the setlist. This from THE EMPIRE SHEPHERDS BUSH is one of the two shows in London and probably is one of the best recorded. The sound is almost 10. I wouldn't remark any song but I recomend to have a good one from 2006.


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