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05-05-92 WHEN MINTRELS CAME TO PLAY , Mannheim, Germany . 2 cd. A-

1. Intro
2. Some Day The Sun Won't Shine On You
3. Living In The Past (instrumental)
4. Fat Man
5. Rocks On The Road
6. Life's A Long Song
7. Under Wraps
8. Nursie
9. Too Old To Rock'n'Roll; Too Young To Die
10. One White Duck
11. A New Day Yesterday
12. Aqualung

13. From A Dead Beat To An Old Greaser
14. Roll Yer Own
15. Look Into The Sun (Instrumental)
16. Christmas Song
17. Said She Was A Dancer
18. Bourée
19. When Jesus Came To Play
20. Pussy Willow (instrumental)
21. Jump Start
22. Locomotive Breath
23. Thick As A Brick

>>From 1992 it exists the official release of "a little light music" but it's edited. This "When minstrels came to play" is an entire concert from those tours. The sound is not a complete 10 but could be a 9'5. Probably the best recorded for all collectors I've met. I'd remark the instrumental "living in the past" and "Pussy willow" and a new version of "A new day yesterday" very played in next years. Recomended audio!

30-05-93 A SALMON FARMER live in Würzburg, Germany.. 2 cd. A

1. My Sunday Feeling
2. For A Thousand Mothers
3. Living In The Past
4. Bourée
5. So Much Trouble
6. With You There To Help Me
7. Bug
8. Black Sunday
9. Sossity; You're A Woman, Reasons For Waiting (medley)
10. Songs From The Wood; Too Old To Rock'n'Roll,Too Young To Die; Heavy Horses (medley)
11. Later That Same Evening
12. The Waking Edge

13. Thick As A Brick
14. Andy Giddings' Parrot
15. Budapest
16. A New Day Yesterday
17. Passion Jig
18. Farm On The Freeway
19. This Is Not Love
20. Aqualung
21. Locomotive Breath
22. A Song For Jeffrey Intro - Cross-eyed Mary
23.Dharma For One

>>They begin the 93 and 94 tours, probably my favourites. The 25th aniversary! This "A salmon farmer" is one of the best recorded. It's difficult to find excellent audience recordings and it's really difficult to rate the show. This one is almost 10 (9,25). They are also great 04-06-93 POSTCARDS FROM WOLFSBURG, KONGRESSCENTRUM, Germany. 2cd, and 16-10-93 HELLOOOOOOO, live Apollo London,. 2 cd .A-. Anyway the best one is 07-07-93 JETHROLLING , live Milano 1 cd but there's only the first half of the concert.
The shows were really great, and really good setlist and full of oldies, I'd remark the medley "Sossity..." and "Reasons for waiting" and specially the end with A Song For Jeffrey Intro - Cross-eyed Mary and the great Dharma for one. Highly recomended!

11-06-94 IN A NORWEGIAN WOOD Frognerbadet (Oslo) (2 cd) A-

1. For A Thousand Mothers
2. Living In The Past
3. My Sunday Feeling
4. Bourée (including Soirée)
5. With You There To Help Me, In The Grip Of Stronger Stuff (medley)
6. Steal
7. Farm On The Freeway
8. Thick As A Brick

9. Sossity; You're A Woman, Reasons For Waiting (medley)
10. Songs From The Wood, Heavy Horses, Too Old To Rock'n'Roll; Too Young To Die, Songs From The Wood (medley)
11. Budapest
12. A New Day Yesterday (including segment of Kelpie)
13. Aqualung
14. Locomotive Breath
15. Cross-eyed Mary, Dharma For One (medley)

>>The setlists from 1994 are like 1993 cause it's the same tour. Probably this "In a Norvegian wood" is the best recorded. It's considerd as excellent but I don't rated as 10, probably 9'5. I've collected several copies from different collectors they rate as excellent but I haven't found a better copy than other.

03-10-95 CURIOUS RIFF Stockholm, Sweden.. A+

1. Intro
2. And further on / Flylingdale Flyer / Protect and survive
3. Roots to branches
4. Rare and precious chain
5. Out of the noise
6. Valley
7. In the grip of stronger stuff
8. At last, forever
9. Dangerous veils
10. Beside myself
11. Intro
12. Aqualung
13. Instrumental

14. Nothing is easy
15. We used to know
16. In the moneylender's temple
17. My God
18. Misere
19. Fat man
20. Budapest
21. Wounded, old and treacherous
22. Intro
23. Locomotive breath
24. Jump start
25. Dambusters march / Brick

>>We enter in 1995 with the tour of "Roots to branches" album. All lovers of this album are lucky because they have this "Curious Riff". A superb recording, an absolute 10, could be an offial recording. It exists a similiar sounded record (27-09-95 VELVET FLUTE,Symphony Hall, Birmingham, UK) its from an FM broadcast but edited with omited songs.
From "Curious riff" I'd remark "We used to know" , see the link "When did they play?" . Highly recomended for lovers of "Roots to branches", perfect disc for this tour.


20-11-96 GUILFORD Civic Hall, UK. 2 cd A--

1. In A Stone Circle / Aqualung
2. Thick As A Brick / Dangerous Veils
3. In The Grip Of Stronger Stuff
4. Beside Myself
5. Misere
6. One Brown Mouse
7. Songs From The Wood / Too Old To Rock'N'Roll / Heavy Horses
8. Bourée
9. Bungle In The Jungle
10. Life's A Long Song
11. Mother Goose
12. Up The Pool

13. Jack-In-The-Green
14. We Used To Know
15. Outer Circle
16. Nothing Is Easy
17. In The Times Of India
18. My God
19. Hunting Girl
20. Locomotive Breath
21. Cross Eyed Mary Intro
22. Cross Eyed Mary
23. Dambuster's March / Thick As A Brick

>>There is not any show with sound rated as 10 in 1996. One of the best I'd recomend is this from Gilford. It would be 9/9'5. It sounds with an special energy . The setlist is great.


1. Asong for Jeffrey
2. Aqualung
3. Thick as a brick
4. Dangerous veils
5. In sight of the minaret
6. The whistler
7. Beside my self
8. Tom's
9. Farm on the freeway
10. Bouree
11. Songs from the wood
12. Too old too rock.../ heavy horses
13. Bungle in the jungle / Minstrel in the Gallery

14. Teacher
15. Acres wild
16. Jump start
17. Misere
18. My God
19. In the grip of stronger stuff
20. Nothing is easy
21. Locomotive breath
22. Aquadiddley
23. Living in the past
24. Dogs in the miswinter / Dambusters march
25. Cheerio

>>In 1997 we find some different setlists. I'd remark this one "Live at Wallingford" but sadly the sound is not which we like. I'd rate it as a 8/8'5 but we find some great oldies palyed in many few times through the years like "Teacher" , Great version with nice intro and nice end with much flute, really great! I remark this in the link "When did they play?" . We also find a medley "Bungle in the jungle/Minstrel in the gallery" and "Acres wild" . I've been looking for all shows with this songs but the best I found is this one. Also I'd remark the disc "Live at the Opera House, Spokane, Washington 3-nov-97" with the great "Thick as a brick" with a longer version in last years of 15 minutes never played since early years. It sounds great, the art cover says 10 but I don't rate my copy as a total 10, any way sounds with a nice energy. Also see the link "When did they play?"

15-06-99 OHNE FILTER EXTRA Baden-Baden. Studio 5,.Germany 2 cd .Disc 2:video cd-rom PC. A

1. Intro
2. Steel monkey
3. Spiral
4. A new day yesterday
5. Fat man
6. Bourée
7. My God
8. Passion jig
9. Budapest

10. Locomotive breath
11. Living in the past
12. Dogs / Balloons
13. Cheerio
14. Interview
15. Spiral
16. Dot com
17. Hunt by numbers
18. Black mamba

>>The 99 brings us interesting things. There are some discs from 09-09-99 AT THE HOUSE OF BLUES Las Vegas with several copies around and a bit confused dates. There exists a superb broadcast recording with comercials highly recomendated. But the discs I'd remark is this "Ohne filter" performed in a german studio TV (Studio 5, Baden Baden) with a little audience. Some years ago this show with a short setlist came in a double cd. One was the audio and the other a Mpeg video for pc. Nowaways, in the Dvd era the fans and collector have tranferred into an excellent dvd. The audio sounds excellent , 10. I'd remark the extended version of the song "fatman" with flute in the middle.

24-11-99 STAINLESS STEEL MONKEY, Sheffield City Hall, UK 2cd A-

1. Intro
2. Steel monkey
3. Serenade to a cuckoo
4. The witche's promise
5. Spiral
6. Nothing is easy
7. Jeffrey goes to leicester square
8. Fat man
10. A new day yesterday
11. Martin's instrumental
12. Dot com

13. Boris dancing
14. Hunting girl
15. Hunt by numbers
16. My God
17. Passion jig
18. Locomotive breath
19. Band's intro
20. Aquadiddley/Aqualung
21. Liviong in the past
22. Instrumental finale
23. Cheerio
24. Outro


03-09-99 THE AMERICAN TRIP '99. Scranton, Montage Mountain, USA . 2 cd A

1. Steel Monkey
2. For A Thoursand Mothers
3. Serenade To A Cuckoo
4. Spiral
5. Nothing Is Easy
6. Jeffrey Goes To Leicester Square
7. Fat Man
8. Awol
9. A New Day Yesterday
10. Martin Barre Instrumental
11. Dot Com
12. Bourée
13. Hunting Girl
14. This Is Not Love
15. My God

16. Passion Jig
17. Locomotive Breath
18. Aqualung
19. Living In The Past
20. Dambusters March
21. Cheerio

22.Thick As A Brick
23. Hunt By Numbers
24. Witch's Promise
25. Nothing @ All
26. Wicked Windows
27. The Secret Language Of Birds
28. The Habanero Reel
29. The Water Carrier



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