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This is another site dedicated to JETHRO TULL and it's designed for those whom consider themselves beginners as well as experienced R.O.I.O. collectors. Included, but not limited to are my lists,information and my recommendations. When I was a beginner I had appreciated a site like this very much and I hope that you will enjoy it !!
& DVD and CD downloable covers list! Now 250 DVD covers!!!! and 35 Cd shows (since 2005 shows till now!!!)
HELP WANTED, I haven't all shows and all covers either, but if anyone would like to help built a more complete covers lists, please e-mail me a scan of the missing covers in my lists and I'll add it A.S.A.P. Together we can make a more elaborate list. (DVD list) (CD list)
Make sure you visit the spanish Jethro Tull fan site.Disadvantge: it's in spanish. But you can see photo galleries of all Tull shows attended by fans.
The photos of the shows are: London (21-feb-04), Lorca, SPAIN (29-jul-04), Atarfe SPAIN (30-jul-04), Paris (11-oct-04), Madrid (18-jul-05), Estepona SPAIN (19-jul-05), London (11-mar-06), Barcelona (11-may-05), Torrelavega (24-sep-06) in link "ACTIVIDADES"
There are some classic songs that Jethro Tull haven't played in many years. They have played some of these songs during the last 15 years but only a few times and just in a few select shows.[more]. Read CLASSICS Teacher, Acres wild, Dharma for one, Love story, Sweet dream...
Volunteers required As you can see my English is not perfect and probably some of the paragraphs are incorrectly written.
If someone wanted to help me to correct "a pair" of them, I'd appreciate it very much. Thanks in advance!
Ratings for sound are my own and I'm a bit strict. "A+" means excellent, the sound we all hope to find. "A" is also excellent, not exactly what we wanted, but you can listen to them without any pain to the ears. "A-" and "B+" are to listen when more pristine versions are not available. "B" and below are also collected but not a high priority unless it has exceptional content or is quite rare I collect them and keep them directly on the shelf. For any info, please e-mail me. Best Wishes !
About Tull FLUTE scores.- Many of us who love Jethro Tull music love also its flute. All of us who love flute have also wanted to play the flute. Some of us have tryed to play it. For all these ones goes this site link. Here, you'll find some score pieces for flute of part of JT songs. If you enjoy them let me know.
If you had some J-tull score and want to share with us drop me an e-mail. That would be great.
Three DVD's highly recomended
31-07-76 TAMPA STADIUM , FLORIDA. USA (TullAvision DVD) 1 DVD, EX
CANKARA, TURKEY.17-may-92. EX - (TV) Image 8 sound 9
SAO PAOLO, BRAZIL. 21-NOV-00 , from TV . Q.-A+ slim case

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Live from SAN SEBASTIAN (SPAIN) 30-oct-2000. Q.-A+ 1 cd.
Live from STOCKHOLM. First Show 9.jan-69. Q.-A. 1 AUDIO cd
03-10-95 CURIOUS RIFF Stockholm, Sweden.A+
PHILADELPHIA, PA. USA. 25-NOV-87 Sound A. 2 cd
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